Plank Seafood Provisions

Branding, website, and collateral for Plank Seafood Provisions.
Made with SecretPenguin

Our goal was to introduce a restaurant that serves high-quality seafood in the midwest, while keeping with an approachable feel. Plank is down-to-earth, utilitarian, and minimal, but a little bit playful as well. 

We built a strategy and designed each touchpoint to create a cohesive, memorable experience. Light, utilitarian branding highlights the uncluttered and functional aesthetics of Plank. We emphasized geometric lines and negative space, but included playful elements to keep it lighthearted.

Since Plank is flying seafood in from the coasts on a daily basis, and because eating things like raw oysters could be considered adventurous, little details hint at wayfaring, adventures, and wandering. 


Design | Art Direction