• Inspiriority

    I've lived in Portland for about eight months now. A big factor in my decision to move was that I wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of new people who are way way more badass and great at what they do than I am at what I do. So many Portlanders have these crazy and wonderful ideas, and execute them flawlessly and delightfully - whether they're designers, animators, musicians, chefs, barbers, skateboarders, or donut-makers.

    I have seen fantastic talks by these types of people, thanks to things like Design Week PortlandCreative Mornings, and Show & Tell. Each time I'm left with the feeling of a fluttering head accompanied by a pit in my stomach. It is inspiration plus total, complete inferiority, or what I'm going to call inspiriority.

    It seems that the best way for me to make use of inspiriority is to do things that I don't know how to do, or that I'm afraid of doing, or that make me feel uncomfortable.


    I used to carry around a notebook which contained a list of things I was afraid of doing. Each spring, I'd make myself do some of the things. It never ended badly – usually it was a brief moment of terror followed by the near absence of fear.

    Living here compels me to be crossing things off the list all the time. I've been introducing myself to creatives I admire, playing charades with new friends (I am shy-ish), learning to skateboard, and sending my dad a recording of myself singing (my biggest fear). I want to do more.

    Here's to using inspiriority to propel myself into the unknown.