• What are the Wild Waves Saying? Pt. 2

    What are the Wild Waves Saying? Pt. 2

    One of the many reasons I moved to Portland was to be nearer creative people I admire. I wanted a closer look. What informs their work? How did they get to this level? What are they thinking about and what does a conversation with them entail? This city has been exceptionally kind and welcoming, and I’ve somehow ended up in the company of some truly inspirational friends.

    Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work after-hours and weekends with some of my favorite designers. The hours have been picking up – enough to support myself – and it feels like it’s time for me to throw myself into an exciting and terrifying situation: full-time freelancing.

    Of course, I never would have had this opportunity without SecretPenguin. Dave took me in as a naïve college student and helped me become the designer I am today. I’ve learned so much from him and SecretPenguin. I wouldn’t be able to do this without Dave’s trust in me over the years, and I am incredibly grateful.

    I have a lot of feelings – happiness, fear, optimism, uncertainty, extreme gratitude – but I’m ready to do more scary things and experience a whole lot of inspiriority.

    Grateful. Thank you. More, please.


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