• A Full Spectrum of Voices

    A Full Spectrum of Voices

    Designers have the ability to amplify voices. That is the nature and purpose of our jobs – to help people and companies to become louder, and for their ideas to be heard and spread around to others. I love doing this; it's the main reason I am in this line of work.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about my responsibility as a designer. Whose voice(s) am I working to amplify? How can I help raise the voices of those who are not benefiting from privilege? How can I avoid exclusively boosting the voices that are already loudest (due to wealth, race, gender, etc)? And, how do I do this and still make a living?

    I recognize my power as a professional designer, and I’d like to use it in a way that doesn’t contribute to a monoculture of limited perspectives. I want to find a way to diversify the concepts I help to advance, in whatever small way I can; to hear viewpoints of people of all types, understand them, and design for them with an attitude of absolute respect. And I want their voices – not mine –to be reflected in the work that I create.

    I've been asking myself: How can I help to promote a wider spectrum of ideas? How can I do this and still make a living? I still don’t know the answer, but if you’ve got an interesting angle, let’s talk.