Ellen Wilde

Client Name

Modern Love


Art Director and Designer
Completed at SecretPenguin
Launched in 2013


Identity, Collateral, and Signage

Vibrant Vegan Comfort Food

I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when famous vegan cookbook author, Isa Moskowitz, decided to open her first restaurant in my hometown. We started off by agreeing that this branding should reflect Isa’s dynamic background, including elements of punk, her love of vegetables and cats, and a relaxed-but-not-careless attitude. It was a true collaboration with Isa, who pushed me to use vibrating fuchsia and orange to contrast with the food. I illustrated a custom vegetable pattern, created hand-drawn logotype, and drew the radish-cat logo mark. We applied this system inside and out.

A few years later, Isa opened a Brooklyn location (in her hometown) and I had the honor of creating an ENORMOUS mural as signage. Both restaurants serve pretty much the best vegan food I’ve ever had, and it remains one of my favorite projects.

CD: Dave Nelson
Sign-Painting: Arbor Street Studio